Item #77493 Five Sammelbands containing Forty-One Pamphlets on Political

Five Sammelbands containing Forty-One Pamphlets on Political

Item #77493

(BRITISH PAMPHLET TRACTS). Five Sammelbands containing Forty-One Pamphlets on Political and Religious Affairs in late 17th to early 18th century Great Britain, including material concerning the Jacobite Rebellion and Anti-Catholic Sentiment]. London; Edinburgh: 1681-1735. 5 Vols. Slightly later calf bindings. An assemblage of five sammelbands collecting over forty English and Scottish pamphlets addressing religious and political issues in Britain at the beginning of the 18th century. Published during a period of renewed strife, they contain much immediate reaction and strong opinion to contemporary events such as the Jacobite Rebellion, and present varying arguments concerning sectarian disagreements of the era. Sammelband A - JACOBITE REBELLION 1) [PITTIS, WILLIAM]. Jus Sacrum, or, A Discourse wherein it is fully Prov'd and Demonstrated that No Prince Ought to be Depriv'd of his Natural Right on Account of Religion, &c. 2nd Edition. London: John Baker, 1712. 44pp. ESTC N36438. 2) [MERKE, THOMAS]. The Late Bishop of Carlisle's Speech against the Deposition of Kings; and In Vindication of Hereditary Right, and the Lineal Succession to the Crown of these Realms. London: John Morphew, 1714. 23pp. ESTC T37588. 3) [TOLAND, JOHN]. [DEFOE, DANIEL]. The Jacobitism, Perjury and Popery of High-Church Priests. London: J. Baker, 1710. 15,[1]pp. ESTC T29031. 4) [DEFOE, DANIEL]. And What If the Pretender Should Come? or, Some Considerations of the Advantages and Real Consequences of the Pretender's Possessing the Crown of Great-Britain. London: J. Baker, 1713. 40pp. ESTC N16439. 5) [BURNET, THOMAS]. Some New Proofs, by which It Appears that the Pretender is Truly James the Third. London: J. Baker, 1713. [10],28pp. ESTC N23541. Lacks half title. 6) [JAMES, PRINCE OF WALES]. Memoirs of the Chevalier de St. George: with some Private Passages of the Life of the Late King James II, Never before Publish'd. London, 1712. 78pp. ESTC T39134. Lacks title and second leaf. 7) [DEFOE, DANIEL]. Reasons against the Succession of the House of Hanover, with an Enquiry how far the Abdication of King James, Supposing it to be Legal, Ought to Affect the Person of the Pretender. London: J. Baker, 1713. [2],45pp. ESTC T65926. 8) [DUNTON, JOHN]. Seeing's Believing: or, K---g G----rge Prov'd an Usurper; and His Whole Reign One Continu'd Act of Cr-ty and Op-.

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