Item #66260 Archive of manuscript material. De Benneville Randolph KEIM.

Archive of manuscript material

Item #66260

KEIM, De Benneville Randolph. Archive of manuscript material, and retained carbon copies corrected in manuscript. $3000.00 De Benneville Randolph Keim (1841-1914) began his career as war correspondent for the New York Herald during which time he formed a strong association with Generals Grant, Sheridan, and Sherman, After the war he traveled the world as correspondent for the Herald and later on assignment from President Grant to investigate American consulates. In Washington he covered President Johnson's impeachment trial, the introduction of civil rights and reconstruction legislation, as well as the purchase of the Alaska territory. This archive highlights some of the incidents recorded by this journalist who had extraordinary access to administrations from Grant to Roosevelt. Among his many books are Sheridan's Troopers on the Borders (1870), Sheridan: A Memorial (1904); Our Alaskan Wonderland (1898), San Domingo (1907), Rochambeau (1907), several guide books to Washington, a book of official etiquette for Washington, and a Keim family genealogy. 1. Letter to Grenville Dodge, "My Dear General," Washington, D.C., October 21, 1903. 7pp. Carbon typescript signed with manuscript corrections. Keim retells some anecdotes about General Grant, MacPherson, and Sherman during the Civil War, including Sherman's orders that any journalists on the Meridian expedition would be shot as a spy. He also tells of being with Sheridan during the Indian Wars when he received a dispatch from Gen. Sherman saying that the newly inaugurated Grant had made Sherman a general and Sheridan a lieutenant general. 2. "President Grant and His Cabinet Tribulation." 9pp. Carbon typescript signed with manuscript corrections. At head of first page "To be released February 2, 1902, Sunday," in Keim's hand. An examination of the personalities and politics of Grant's cabinet and some of his other early political appointments. Keim had great access to Grant and relates insights gained firsthand from the President. 3. "General Grant and the Politicians." 7pp. [two copies of page 6]. Carbon typescript signed with manuscript corrections. At head of first page, "To be released Feb. 9, 02." Keim tells of Grant's style of leadership in the White House. "He had selected his advisers of his own motion and regar.

Price: $3,000.00

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